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Lloyds Surveys

We can arrange to have your vessel surveyed conforming to the latest Lloyds standards. As part of this survey we will conduct an 'engine stripdown' survey.


We can carry out installations of exchange re-manufactured Gardner engines, and installation of ancilliary equipment such as exhaust systems. See Conversions for installations of other equipment. We can supply exchange Gardner engines and we will always consider buying old units in need of rebuilding. Our installation service includes sea trials.

Installing 6LXB

Installation of Gardner 6LXB in to the Silver Sula


We can overhaul your Gardner engine in situe or once removed. This may be a complete thorough overhaul or part overhaul such as gearbox alone.


Gardner engines are built for a lifetime of service, provided that they are maintained and looked after. Your Gardner engine will benifit by regular servicing from an engineer that has years of experience behind him. Remember your engine may well have been installed and regularly seviced by Ray Harrison before you became the owner.